About Dr Rudolph Bertagnoli

1421877818_RBinLabcoatStandingBetterAn accomplished surgeon and engineer, who has focused on the motion preservation of the spine, Dr. Rudolph Bertagnoli currently serves as the chief executive officer of Pro Spine, also known as the First European Center for Spine Arthroplasty and Associated Non Fusion Technologies (ECSA). In this capacity, he oversees all medical activities at the practice and regularly teaches spine surgery techniques doctors across the globe. Over the years, Dr. Rudolph Bertagnoli has developed 36 patents for spinal devices and emerged as a world leader in spine arthroplasty.

Aside from his current work with Pro Spine and a very active surgeon, Dr. Rudolph Bertagnoli is the former department head of the spine unit at Johannesbad Clinic Bad Fussing in Germany, the former head of the St. Wolfgang Spine Center in Griesbach, and he also previously served as the department head of the spine center at St. Elisabeth Clinic in Straubing/Bogen. He received his medical degree from the Medical School of the University of Vienna in Austria.


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